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Oslo Switch believes that not all solutions come in standard catalog shapes and sizes. That’s why our customers can rely on our team to provide a wide range of custom keylock switches, rocker switches, push button switches and more. If you can dream it up, we can find a way to make it a reality. Oslo Switch makes more customer specials than we do standard catalog part numbers. Let us know what you need to get the job done.

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Q Series

Type: Pushbutton, lighted
Application: Automotive aftermarket
Problem: Need compact 12 volt with blue LED illumination and custom wire harness
Solution: High brightness LED and oriented plug in connector


CRT Series

CRT Series
Rocker double pole
Medical lighting control
Need three on positions – low, medium, high 
Re-tooled internal circuitry to provide progressive control (SP3T)*

Additionally custom color gray to match customer specification
*Single pole, triple throw


M Series

Pushbutton, lighted
Elevator call button
Need large surface and tamperproof button
Design and tool enlarged actuator with bezel surround


K Series

Keylock switch
Security, video surveillance, law enforcement
Need both mechanical and electrical lock out in single device
Incorporated rotating cam within lock and modifying switchlock for front panel mount


L Series

Motorcycle, police
Exposure to rain, heat, cold, wind, vibration, dust
Sealed switch with encapsulated wiring bundle to speed installation and protect from contaminants


W Series

Rocker switch
Commercial cooking equipment
Need lever operated switch for use in wet environments
Splash proof rocker switch (W Series) created unique lever actuator per customer design requirements


K Series

Keylock switch
Elevator; maintenance and monitoring
Difficulty wiring during installation
Pre-wiring of complete harness, including jumpers, eleven connections in total


S Series

Restaurant, drink dispenser
Sticky liquid residue clogs switch mechanism
Transparent boot covering front panel with rigid barrier preventing accidental actuation, housing sealed externally

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