Keylock Switch Selector Guide

Type K keylock Switches offer low-cost key operated protection against accidental or unauthorized access. options include Single Pole or Double Pole, Momentary or Maintained action.  Indexing options are 45⁰ and 90⁰.   Various key pull positions are standard.  Many key code options are available.
Both solder terminals and wire leads are available.  The K series has current rating up to 8A 125VAC. OSLO keylock switches are designed to perform in a variety of different applications such as machine and automation control, elevators, security systems, industrial and medical equipment. 
UL and CSA certifications available.

K Series Keylock Switches

Single Pole   
Double Pole   
Single Pole with common


• 8A 125VAC, 4A 28VDC, 4A 250VAC;     UL recognized 
• 4A 125VAC, 4A 28VDC, 2A 250VAC; CSA   certified 
• SPST thru DP 3 position available  
• Momentary or Maintained 
• Various Key Pull positions available
• Optional Key Codes are available