Q Series Push Button Switch

The OSLO Switch Q Series Push Button switches are used in a wide range of applications for consumer electronics, appliance, telecommunications, food and beverage equipment, instrumentation, automotive, medical and more. These switches are used in both low voltage and high voltage applications that require high performance, repeatability, long electrical life and crisp actuation.

The switches are RoHS compliant and available in momentary and maintained versions in SPST and SPDT, with DP functions also available.    It can be ordered in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions.  6, 12 and 28 volt incandescent lamps standard.  125 and 250 volt neon lamps standard.  LED 6 and 12 volt are available.  

The Q Series is UL rated and CSA Certified.  Unique markings such as letters, numbers and symbols can be engraved or pad printed on lens cap; mylar inserts are also available.  A protective boot is an optional accessory.